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How does it work?

We connect likeminded business owners across Melbourne so you can network about:


  • Industry knowledge

  • Feedback & advice on your business

  • Testing and reviews about your business or products

Do you need reviews for your start-up business?

  • Simply get into touch with a relevant business owner and kindly request that they test your product and provide you with a review and feedback.​​

How do I join the community?

Simply fill out the form and join the list to start contacting like minded business owners who are willing to test and review your product, test your website, exchange feedback, provide advice and give ideas about your businesses and products.

What can I ask the business owners in this community?


Lets say you're a Cafe owner looking to improve your business. Contact other cafe owners or relevant business owners on the list and start exchanging ideas such as:

Gain advice on their business operations and strategies. Exchange feedback on your coffee and cake selections. Ask them to try your product and give you a review to improve your business validity.

This community is all about sharing ideas and networking with likeminded business owners.

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