Singing & Piano Specialist

Tegan is currently completing her final year of a Bachelor of Music Degree at Monash University, specialising in contemporary vocal, piano and music performance. An experienced performer and songwriter, Tegan developed a passion for music at a young age and she strives to provide a fun and positive learning environment and assist students in achieving their desired goals.

Vocal Teaching:
With a focus on Estill vocal raining, vocal health and increasing students musical capabilities, Tegan has the capacity to support individuals through their musical journey and guide them through arising challenges. Tegan has a in depth knowledge of the human voice, and she teaches her students various vocal techniques and exercises that allow them to sing with a confident pitch and tone.

Piano Teaching:
Along with her singing expertise Tegan is also a professional piano instructor. She has experience teaching piano students from all ages. She is excellent at providing a structured set of goals for her students and she works on teaching excellent piano technique and habits which will put the student in a great position to succeed and improve over time. She can teach various styles of piano as well as guide students through AMEB exams.

Tegan is a supportive, motivating and skilled teacher who, through her knowledge of complex vocal technique and fundamental piano instruction, can help students advance in their instrument. Tegan looks forward to the opportunity to share her skills with new, evolving musicians.


Piano, Guitar & Bass Specialist

Angus is a professional teacher and musician based in Melbourne. Angus has significant ability with piano, guitar and bass instrumentation after completing a Bachelor of Music at Melbourne Polytechnic in 2012. He has eight years of teaching experience working in Secondary Schools as a piano, guitar, bass and classroom music teacher. Angus is a VIT registered teacher whose teaching ability is of a professional standard after completing a Graduate Diploma of Education specialising in music education at ACU in 2014.

Angus currently works at Gleneagles and Lyndale Secondary College in piano, guitar & bass teaching roles.


Angus is a professional Melbourne session musician who has played in various Soul, funk, latin, contemporary and jazz bands with his versatile instrumentation of piano, guitar and bass. He has also worked as a wedding musician.

Guitar Specialist

Steven is a professional guitar teacher and musician. Steven is currently studying a bachelor of applied music performance at Box Hill Institute. In 2019 Steven played in a band with highly experienced musicians for a professional hairspray musical. He achieved an A+ for his VCE music recital and high distinctions for performance subjects at Box Hill institute. Steven has studied guitar under jazz guitarist Stephen Magnusson. Steven endeavours to become a professional jazz musician and is passionate about music education.

Steve is a highly skilled guitarist who can teach almost any style of music. Whether you are looking to learn contemporary styles, rock, jazz, acoustic or are looking for an all round experience then Steve will be perfect for you. Steve's teaches a strong method of guitar, with a goal orientated approach that progressively scaffolds and builds up his students guitar technique, knowledge and dexterity.

Piano Specialist

Sam was born in China and raised in Australia. He is passionate musician who plays a variety of instruments, specialising in piano. Having  over 14 years of piano experience, Sam has passed his AMEB A.Mus.A in piano in 2015. In the same year, Sam also completed grade 8 in Saxophone with honours, and passed his Grade 6 AMEB theory of Music.


Sam hopes to help students to achieve their desired outcome whether it’s playing for fun or accomplishing exams, Sam will strive to make the lesson fun and enjoyable.


Guitar Specialist

Adyn is a professional guitar teacher and musician. He has studied guitar with Adam Starr.


Adyn performs regularly in Melbourne including weekly at the Cube Cafe and is in a professional band that plays gigs across Melbourne called 'I Couldn't Tell Ya'.  

Adyn is a professional session guitarist who records and performs professionally across Melbourne.

Qualifications & Achievments
  • Teaches at the refugee tutoring program

  •  Performed at the Rhapsody in Rotorua festival in New Zealand

  • Performed at the annual Jazz in the Cafe show

  • Performs annually at the Generations in Jazz festival.

Guitar Specialist

Jake is a professional guitar teacher and musician. He has studied guitar with Adam Starr and has been learning for 12 years.

Jake is currently in his second year of a Bachelor of Music course at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Jake has performed solo to audiences of over 1500 people and is a session guitarist who plays at events in Melbourne.

Qualifications & Achievments
  • Completed 1 year of a Bachelor of Music degree at Melbourne Polytechnic.

  • Taught guitar at Alto Music School in 2018.

  • Performs annually at the GIJ festival.

  • Has completed a Working With Children's Certificate



Piano, Guitar and Bass Lessons in Croydon, Melbourne


Email: angusnorwoodau@gmail.com

Phone: 0406663667

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