Alto Music School | Piano, Guitar & Singing Lessons in Croydon Melbourne | www.altomusicschool.com.au
Alto Music School | Piano, Guitar & Singing Lessons in Croydon Melbourne | www.altomusicschool.com.au

"Have just started up guitar lessons after a long hiatus. Angus has been fantastic at identifying the gaps in my learning and has been able to put me on track for a brighter musical future."

Jarrod C - student

"Fantastic guitar teacher Very clear with his instructions Able to inspire and teach to my son Liam a lot."

Antoinette Moroney - parent

"My son was ready to give up his guitar lessons. We switched to Angus, my son really enjoys his lessons, is challenged and encouraged. Wish we’d found him years ago!"

Ali Box - parent

"I am impresses by Angus Norwood Music Studio unique way of teaching. Their method is thorough and instructive, which helps build a solid foundation for kids to develop their interests and skills in playing piano or guitar. Their combined skill, experience and love for music makes the instructors highly qualified. My 7 year old son has developed a passion for learning how to play the piano, read and even create music after taking classes at this Studio. His teacher is assertive as well as upbeat providing a positive and nurturing environment. I highly recommend this Studio."

Kathrine R- parent

"hands down best teacher in melbourne. tried to find a better teacher, can’t find anyone as good as Angus."

Ethan S - student

"Easy learning with fantastic teachers."

Ryan T - student

"Angus managed to inspire my daughter Allie to practice guitar almost every day. She loves playing the pieces Angus organises for her. It is a pleasure watching her continually improve and the lessons are very structured - Allie always knows exactly what she needs to do for practice. I look forward to seeing Allie's guitar progress even further"

Diana D - parent

"My son has a new appreciation for guitar after we started going to Steve for classes. I feel Steve is in tune with what age group he is teaching & keeping them focused and enthusiastic with their achievements. He has helped Ronith understand music & persevered to maintain his flow of learning & improving steadily. I wouldn’t want to change anything from our dose of music flowing through our house, thanks to Steve's help"

Harveen S - parent

"I'm glad that I have found Clarelle to be my daughter's piano teacher. Clarelle is a very patient person. I can see my daughter in progress."

Lisa Y - parent

"Very talented and patient teacher! My son enjoys his piano lessons with Angus :)"

Sara S - parent

"Emma makes learning the piano enjoyable, her love of music is obvious in how she approaches teaching.
She is a very talented teacher and is warm and encouraging.
I would highly recommend Emma to students of all ages."

Gayle W - student

"Steve is a wonderful teacher. He is patient in his approach, challenges and is very encouraging. My son is enjoying and making great progress in guitar."

Jannette V - parent

"Our 10 year old son Kosta, has been learning piano with Angus since June 2014 and we have been really happy with his progress. Angus is a gifted teacher who quickly established a wonderful rapport with Kosta. The lessons are well structured: intense, vibrant and personalised. Our son looks forward to his weekly lessons and enjoys playing and practising at home. We now incorporate guitar tuition in our son’s weekly piano lessons and this has enhanced both his playing and his music theory. We are really impressed and grateful to Angus and recommend him to anyone who really wants to learn to play piano and guitar; you will not find a better teacher in Melbourne"

Nola M - parent

"This year I decided I would pick up the guitar again after many years of occasionally getting my guitar out to strum a song or two. I looked for a local teacher and fortunately, for me at least, found Adyn.
Adyn has been a very patient and tolerant teacher and even though my fingers are not as supple as they once were he has shown me a whole new technique and a new reason to enjoy playing. Adyn is very talented and can teach across a wide range of instruments and music styles. As a student he will challenge you but he will keep you within your own level of comfort to provide the encouragement that I in particular need.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Adyn, or any of his talented team, to anyone considering learning an instrument for either pleasure or for something more serious."

Stephen W - student

"As a "mature aged" student the team at the music school have got me playing tunes with my kids in just 6 weeks. They've rekindled my interest in music. Always a pleasure to turn up for lessons to hear anything from singers, young guitarists or pianists engaging with their teachers."

Brendan A - student